The Turnbulls

Brian and Betsy Turnbull are missional pastors in Seattle.  Their work involves an intentional immersion into the tapestry of their community where they find natural ways to connect and gather with people. Paying attention to the work of the Spirit in people's lives leads to deeper spiritual conversations and a genuine openness to truth.  Brian and Betsy work to develop and multiply this model of ministry through Spiritual Direction and Missional Communities.  The Gospel is spread through significant spiritual conversations, small gatherings of people, and a keen awareness to the work of the Spirit in their community.

This ministry of mission and discipleship is called, The House. 

"We believe the story of God is the most compelling story in human history, and it needs to be told. We believe the words of God are living and active, and they want to navigate their way into our very souls and redeem the brokenness that abounds. We believe in the resurrection of Christ, and that God can bring life out of death, joy out of pain, and hope out of despair. We believe God is looking for people to join him in redeeming this good world, and sometimes we need to be reminded of the invitation."

Brian has a master's degree in education and divinity.  He is an ordained pastor in the Christian Reformed Church.  Betsy has a master's degree in divinity and is an ordained pastor in the Christian Reformed Church. 

For more information please contact Betsy at: turnbullbets@gmail.com