The House

a ministry of gathering focused on mission and discipleship

The House                                                             a ministry of mission and discipleship

The House is a ministry of mission and discipleship in Northeast Seattle. 

We believe our life story is rooted in a deeper story.  A story of a loving God who comes to us where we are, as we are found.  It is a story of life, a life lived fully in all seasons because it is the true source of life nourishing and providing all that is needed.  This deeper story is understood best through the life of Jesus.

As this life force flows up into and through our lives, we join in the dance of the Spirit, the Spirit of the living God who continues to bring forth new life in and through the lives of the people and systems within our community.

The House is a ministry that exists to guide people as they find their home in the story of God.  As we find our home, we continue to discover an abundant life worth living.