The House

a ministry of gathering focused on mission and discipleship

The House is a Ministry of Mission

To be on mission means we “sit at the table” with new friends, like and unlike us.  We listen and learn from others who may have a different worldview.  We engage and seek to understand others out of deep respect.  We open our lives, we bear witness, and we engage in significant spiritual conversations.



The missional journey begins in a neighborhood:  A life on mission starts with the people we come in contact with on a daily basis - that is our neighborhood.  It is about being part of the very fabric of a community and fully engaging in the humanity of it all.  It means being where people are, living among them, getting to know them, letting them get to know us.  When we meet people on their turf, allowing them to really know us, including our spirituality, that's when we find people who are curious about God and open to further spiritual conversations.  The Holy Spirit is present in your life and in the lives of others around you.  A missional life is a journey of being intentional and requires paying close attention to the work God is already doing.  Prayer without ceasing is imperative.  


…and moves toward a gathering:  As we engage in the community of a neighborhood, relationships develop, along with a natural desire to spend more time together. Gathering with others regularly is part of life - book clubs, weekly coffee dates, running groups, dinner parties, and more.  We have many opportunities to be directly and actively involved in the lives of people.  Opportunities for genuine availability, and regularity in the friendships and communities we inhabit are endless.




We recognize people of peace and engage in spiritual conversations:  Paying close attention to the work of the Holy Spirit and growth in authentic relationship with others creates space for significant spiritual conversations.  A person of peace is one who is spiritually curious and open to hear truth about the Gospel story.

The House is a Ministry of Discipleship


Discipleship is a life long journey of response to a God who longs to be known, who longs to be in relationship, and who longs to use us in a way that is best for us, and best for the world. We are convinced that God loves each and every one of us with depth, persistence and intensity beyond imagination.  To be touched by this love is to be forever changed.  To surrender to Divine love is to find our soul’s home, the place and identity for which we yearn in every cell of our being. 

As we embrace this love and continually discover our true identity as a beloved child of God, we increasingly share God’s infinitely tender love for others.  We deepen in our compassion for the poor, the broken, and the lost.  We ache and pray and labor for others in a new way, a selfless way, a joy-filled way.  Our hearts are enlarged toward all people and toward all of creation.



We walk with others along the journey of discipleship through Leadership Coaching and Spiritual Direction:  Trained leaders are equipped to come alongside an individual or group of people to help them discern and become aware of God’s presence in their life. 

Leadership Coaching is an ongoing conversation that empowers a person or team of people to fully live out God’s calling in their life and profession.  The House provides leadership coaching and consulting to churches and individuals seeking to develop a missional posture in their community.  

Spiritual Direction, an ancient ministry of the church, is a relationship in which one person assists another, or others, in attending to God’s presence and call.  It is the art of contemplative listening.  The House provides spiritual direction to groups and individuals seeking a guide on their spiritual journey.




We develop Missional Communities:  A missional community is an intentional gathering of people on a spiritual journey with a longing to live out the Gospel story.  By getting started, a missional community becomes a closely knit group of people on a mission together.  As individuals of the group engage their own personal transformation and the transformation of those around them, they begin to see glimpses of a spiritual transformation taking hold in the larger community around them.

Living the Gospel Story in Seattle

Brian and Betsy Turnbull

Missionaries in Seattle



The Turnbulls are missionaries in Northeast Seattle.  Their work involves an intentional immersion into the tapestry of their community where they find natural ways to connect and gather with people.  Paying attention to the work of the Spirit in people’s lives leads to deeper spiritual conversations and eventually openness to the truth of Jesus.  Brian and Betsy work to develop and multiply this model of ministry through Leadership Coaching, Spiritual Direction, and Missional Communities. The Gospel is spread through significant spiritual conversations, small gatherings of people, and a keen awareness to the work of Jesus in their community. This ministry of mission and discipleship is called, The House.

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